DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Health leaders want to remind those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder it’s not too late to find hope.

Midwest Clinical Research Center is constantly pushing toward finding solutions for those in need by developing new medications or finding new uses for already existing drugs

“There’s a lot of different variables, but needless to say we’re trying to make a difference because we know research can change people’s lives,” said Christopher Kuhn.

Kuhn leads community support outreach for Midwest Clinical Research Center. Volunteers work with scientists to identify and develop new ways to treat disorders like PTS. That includes collecting data that can lead to new medications or finding new uses for drugs already on the market.

Kuhn says volunteers play a vital role in that process, helping not only themselves but countless others by joining studies.

“I think the more that I’m out there in the community and engaging folks about the dire need for treatment, increased treatments, interventions to help those really struggling with post-traumatic stress – I think it’s important when I’m out canvassing Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus that they’re hearing the message that there is another option available they can seek out to figure out what’s going on with their mental health,” Khun said.

Experts say people suffering from post-traumatic stress are more susceptible to depression, bipolar disorder and increased anxiety. Many have turned to opioids, compounding the epidemic.

Those in charge of recruitment for studies are working to get ahead of those drugs, meeting people right where they are when they’ve run out of options.

“If even one person can make a difference by becoming a participant in one of our studies and they qualify then change can happen,” said Marcus McCarty-towers, Patient Recruitment Manager

Leaders say one of the biggest challenges they face each day is breaking the stigma around research, which in some cases hinders people from sharing their struggles.

The research program allows participants to see a physician at no cost. In fact, those willing to participate in a research study are compensated for their time.

You can learn more about a study on PTSD that is taking place right now here.