DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – On Memorial Day in 2019, tornadoes wreaked havoc on suburbs of Dayton, leaving billions of dollars in damages.

Since the devastation over three years ago, Misty Brown, founder of The Love Shack began finding ways to help those dealing with the aftermath of the Memorial Day tornadoes.

Brown says she was inspired to resolve these issues, so she began setting up pop-up tents, particularly in the areas of destruction from the tornadoes path, such as in Beavercreek and Northridge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the community in more ways than not.

“I hear that from a lot of people, especially in the realm that I work in. I’m a therapist so I work a lot with mental health and addiction, and it seems like the numbers are increasing,” Brown said.

“The amount of people that need help are going into treatment. The times we’re living in right now, people are struggling, people are asking questions, they’re looking for alternatives.”

The event offers attendees free massages, energy work, body work, sound healing and much more.

Organizers say they hold this event every three months and if you missed this one, you could always attend the next one.