“I believe neighborhoods need a voice on this city commission,” said Darryl Fairchild, Dayton City Commission candidate.

BIO:  Pastor, Bellbrook United Methodist; University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology,United Theological Seminary (M.Div), the University of Cincinnati (B.A); married with one child.

PLATFORM:  Education; Economic development; Youth

“Concentrate our resources around the four or five blocks right around schools and clean those up, take down blighted buildings. Encourage redevelopment in that neighborhood so that families have an attractive place, a safe neighborhood to move into. And I think if we focused our resources there, the schools would improve, as well as then that– we’d become almost an oasis in the midst of some of our neighborhoods where you can start to see development take place,” Fairchild said.

QUESTION: Why should voters elect Darryl Fairchild? 

Fairchild tells 2 NEWS’ Beairshelle Edmé that after 20 years of building relationships in the city he is prepared to take on a greater leadership role. The pastor says he has a history of bringing people together, as was exhibited through the interfaith forum he created following 9-11 tensions between various religious groups in the Gem City. Fairchild promises a clear vision about ways to revitalize city neighborhoods and to invest in the young people. He believes the key to both issues is to create pathways of economic opportunity. And another way he hopes to invest in the youth of Dayton is to find resources for programming that extends to all who are looking for outlets for recreational fun and education.

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