SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – All he wanted to do was check up on his duck blind.

He ended up stuck in the mud, waist deep, for two hours.  Rescue crews were called in Saturday to save him.

The video is not exciting, but amazing that the victim stood there in the cold water stuck, with no place to go.

He luckily had a cell phone and called for help himself.

Investigators say the man wanted to check on his duck blind at Buck Creek State Park when he got stuck.

They say the water was not deep enough to send a rescue boat, but a four-legged friend could do it.

The man’s dog carried out one end of a rope to his owner to help pull the man to safety.

“It’s a good thing he had his cell phone considering he was in the mud and water to about his chest and it was about 33 degrees. He wasn’t going to fair much longer,” said Rick Hughes, Moorefield Township Fire Department.

The man is going to be okay.