DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Back in 2016, the Mad River Local School District approved an armed security response team made up of more than 30 school personnel. These staff members are spread out between the district’s school buildings.

Superintendent Chad Wyen said the team was put on pause this past school year because of a ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court; however, on Monday, Governor Mike DeWine signed HB 99 into law.

“What the bill does is essentially revert back to the prior practice of allowing local school districts to make a local decision on whether or not they will permit certain school staff members on whether they will be armed on school ground,” Gov. DeWine explained.

Now Mad River’s response team can be armed this upcoming school year.

“It works for us. There’s an added layer of school safety that works for Mad River Local Schools, and our community supports it because it was the culture of our school district prior to that decision. And now that we’re able to have that again, it will continue to be a part of our school district and within the culture of our school district,” Wyen said.

Wyen said members of his team still kept up with training despite a year off.

“We’ve continued training even though we were not allowed to have firearms inside our school buildings. We continued our OPOTA requalification training, along with training with our Riverside Police Department,” Wyen said.

Wyen said he is grateful this bill was signed and there is an extra layer of protection for his students and staff.

“The opportunity to stop an active shooter, to reduce any potential causalities, to save lives, that makes me feel really good that we have this opportunity to keep our students safe in our buildings every day,” Wyen said.