YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) — Yellow Springs has a new interim council president Tuesday morning.

In a meeting on Monday, Oct. 2, the Yellow Springs Village Council voted 3 to 2 to remove Brian Housh, the now-former council president.

Council Member Carmen Brown made a motion to remove Housh from his position as he is reportedly facing allegations of driving under the influence and being stopped by police for being intoxicated.

During the meeting, Brown said Housh has “shown signs of impairment” and that it is clear that he should no longer be president.

The motion was seconded by Vice President Kevin Stokes.

Housh then asked to read a letter before the motion was put to a vote. His letter talked about the medication he has allegedly been taking and how strong its effects are.

He also addressed an incident on Aug. 4 where he had allegedly been driving while intoxicated but called it a medical emergency.

Housh said, “And on a few occasions, I have either seemed out of it or intoxicated. I have letters from my two doctors responding to a request from my employer to explain my unusual behavior in a couple of situations, which I am happy to share. There is no indication that alcohol is a trigger, but I am avoiding alcohol consumption.”

Housh’s letter went on to say that he is not a “menace to society” and he also thanked the police for their service to the community.

The council ultimately voted 3 to 2 for his removal and then voted to appoint Council Member Kevin Stokes as the temporary council president.

Housh still remains on the council at this time.