YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) — Many people have their New Year’s traditions, and as the year is wrapping up, the village of Yellow Springs is preparing for theirs.

COVID put a halt on New Year’s celebrations in Yellow Springs but tomorrow the tradition will be back up and running.

Though it’s nothing too formal or put together, the villagers of Yellow Springs enjoy the time they get to spend bringing the new year together, though it only lasts a few minutes.

Carol Young and other residents in the village enjoy the quaint and quick feeling of their celebration into the new year.

“Some years the ball falls better than others. They have to redo it, make sure the lights are attached. It’s very rough, it’s a homemade thing. It has a very homey feel too. It’s not fancy, it’s very short,” Young said.

The very first community ball drop happened in 1980 going into 1982 and since then, the event has grown more and more.

Mayor Pam Conine says that the informal event is completely community organized and wouldn’t be successful without their help.

“It started as an activity for the locals, the villagers, and for the first 2, 3 years, it was small as we intended it to be,” Conine said.

The mayor says she hopes people from their village come out to support during the ball drop event.

“We’re hoping that this is going to be a local activity as folks from the village tip-toe out to see what it’s going to be like this year post-COVID. We just want to welcome in the new year with our fellow villagers and have a good time. If folks from out of town come along too, hey, all the better.”

While Yellow Springs is receptive to outsiders, they do plan to keep it solely “in-the-community” this year.