DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – New Years Eve celebrations are going on across the Miami Valley and one bar is trying to recreate a piece of Times Square in downtown Dayton.

Hundreds of people were expected to be at Yellow Cab Tavern to watch the ball drop at midnight. This event is different than a typical New Year’s Eve party because they’re ringing in 2023 in silence. Yellow Cab Tavern hosted a Silent Disco.

“If you never done one before, a lot of people think it sounds weird, they don’t understand it because they think if they want to go out and listen to music, it’s going to be loud, it’s going to be pumpin’,” Silent Disco red DJ John Chapel said. “I understand that, but it really is a good time. People who come, they seem to they just never stop coming back.”

This silent celebration is becoming a New Year’s tradition at the Dayton bar, which has hosted a party and ball drop the last five years.

“At the Yellow Cab Tavern, we just worked really hard to be a very community centric space, so for us to host the Times Square style ball drop is pretty natural fit and we’re really excited to be doing it,” Yellow Cab Marketing Manager Brian Johnson said.

A crowd came out in the hundreds to countdown to 2023 with their friends, family, and the Dayton community.

“We don’t really limit ourselves to any sort of demographic, people from all walks of life come,” Chapel said. “If you like music, I would say like we have something here for you.”

2 NEWS Today’s own Zac Pitts was the night’s host.

Johnson said after a successful 2022, he’s looking forward to what’s in store for the business in 2023.

“This has been the best year on memory, you know, since COVID,” Johnson said. “So we’ve we’ve really come back full steam this year and we’re really excited to be growing again and seeing good things happen again.”

Yellow Cab Tavern partners with Dayton Silent Disco on the last Friday of every month.