FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) — A student-run coffee shop forced to close during the pandemic is back up and running again at Wright State University.

ReyRey Cafe is one of 15 dining establishments on Wright State’s campus, and it’s the only one that’s completely student-run.

Partnering with Boston Stoker and Reynolds and Reynolds, it first opened in 2015.

“I think the biggest thing that we’ve learned is how to look at a profit and loss statement and actually make changes that affect the day-to-day of the business,” says WSU senior Paige Wilms, CEO of ReyRey Cafe. 

Customers have come trickling back in this year after the cafe shut its doors last school year.

Hannah Ross, a fifth-year senior, is the CMO in charge of marketing.

“I would say Tuesday and Thursday are busier for us. It tends to be in between classes,” says Ross. “The networking that you get to build, the relationships, the control you have over this cafe, it’s amazing.”

Blending school and business, the cafe gives students real-world experience.

“When we originally opened, we had one girl who did it all,” says Wilms.

In seven years, the cafe has grown to four student managers and anywhere from six to 15 baristas.

Students have been able keep it going, even through a pandemic.

“Business has been slower, but I would say our customers who always come are here every single day. So it’s really nice to see., but we’re working our way back up to being just as strong as we were before,” says Wilms. 

The cafe gives customers the extra shot of espresso they need to get through the day, and customers help keep the cafe running. 

“I love it. I love having regulars. I love talking about the coffee,” says Ross.

Profits from the cafe go to students for scholarships at the end of the year.