DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – At 11:30 am on November 23, four police vehicles rolled up to the front of Wright State Food Pantry with piles of food donations.

This is part of Wright State Police Department’s biggest fundraiser of the year, coinciding with the no-shave November event.

Kurt Holden, interim director of public safety said that this is the third year the department has made this donation, and it has only grown each year. The first year, they raised $500 for the food pantry. This year they raised approximately $1700.

Officers then took that money and a list of the pantry’s most needed items and bought everything they could. Items included chips, cookies, canned goods, bottled water, ramen and other meals that can be easily made in a microwave by students.

“It means a lot to help the students here at Wright State because that’s why I’m here,” Holden said.  “I was a student here twice, I’m a two-time alum, and now I’m a police officer here. And to serve a need here in the Wright State community is why we’re here.”

$1700 can buy a lot of food, the department found. Holden said that their purchases filled three police cars and one large SUV.

“It was really neat to see,’ Holden said, “but I’m more happy to see these students that are going into the holiday season, who may have that concern of food scarcity no longer have that concern.”

And Officer Holden has a personal connection to this event.

“I grew up in foster care,” he said. “I actually had to go to the food pantry in my early adult life, and so to actually be in a place to actually give back and be part of something that is more than myself, and help others in that need is something that I want to do, and I look forward to doing this every single year.”