DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Wright State University celebrated their new campus store in a unique way.

One lucky student was chosen at random for a free shopping spree in Raider Landing. The catch? She only had two minutes to do it!

Izabella Schenck is a senior majoring in psychology. She received an Instagram direct message sharing that she won the Raider Landing shopping spree — an experience she never expected from the campus bookstore.

“It actually went so, so fast,” Schenck said. “Like, when I was over near the stickers and everything and the bags, and I already hit 30 seconds, it felt like five seconds, and I was like, oh I still have plenty of time, but then I freaked out. Like, you really do black out during it. It was crazy, and then I broke a hanger, and I was just like really focused on the jacket. So, it goes by like super fast.”

Her final total was 29 items pricing out at nearly $1,200.