FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) – Wright State University hosted its annual Thanksgiving meal for students, staff and alumni.

While many people will get to sit down with their families for dinner Thursday, some students at Wright State University cannot make the trip home. So the university created “Raidersgiving” to bring the campus community together.

“We are all thankful for our students, and we’re thankful for the people who put the school together, and so we were really glad to have a place where we can all sit at a table and have some food together,” Wright State Student Body President Blake Bailey said.

Wednesday was the 11th annual Raidersgiving, the event started when the university realized not everyone can go home for the thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“Some students are international students. They live very far away and they don’t have the time to get home, enjoy and time to come back,” Wright State Director of Community Standards Christopher Hogan said. “Other students, they just don’t have an opportunity or means, or anywhere to go to enjoy the holiday season.”

“I live 8 hours away, but I enjoy staying at Wright State, and of course I like the food,” Wright State sophomore Elkama Kpadea said.

For many of the international students, it was their first time trying a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“I really like the food,” Wright State International Student Indra Koumari said. “It’s totally different what’s the Indian food, more spices are there in India. But the simple food, it’s very delicious.”

The students said they’re thankful they could come together to share a feast with their Wright State family.

“Having a university that actually lets you join in the community, come and have a meal and sit down and talk with some people,” Wright State sophomore Marcus Perry said. “You might not have talked to before, it’s really special.”

The event returned in-person this year after the last two years were held as carry out because of COVID-19.