DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Legislators and key figures in preserving Dayton’s historical sites were on hand Wednesday, as they celebrated a major update to a century old facility.

The group held a tour and press conference outside of the Wright Company Factory at the corner of Abbey Ave. and W. Third St., to commemorate the site as the newest addition to Dayton’s National Park for Aviation Heritage.

Congressman Mike Turner said in the early 2000s, it was determined that 90 percent of the facility had historical significance, but Wednesday, it was officially recognized.

This will correlate with other Wright Brothers historical sites like those at Carillon park to showcase the history of aeronautical beginnings here in Dayton.

“Perfect that we’re ending up here at the world’s oldest building dedicated, specifically built and dedicated to building aircraft,” said Dayton History President and CEO, Brady Kress.

Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah, who serves as Chairman on the House Committee on Natural Resources, said normally people think of National Parks as Yellowstone, but they are becoming increasingly sites that boast history.

“This being a historic park is one of those prototypes of how you can tell what happened in the past and how we have reached the position we are today,” said Bishop.

Right now they have very preliminary plans on the revitalization of the facility, but say they will have more concrete plans in coming weeks.

“We do have some historic photographs to inform us if we want to restore at least a part of the building to what it would have looked like in 1911-1913 when the Wright Brothers were manufacturing over 100 airplanes here,” said Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park superintendent, Kendell Thompson.