DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Witnesses say they are still in disbelief after last night’s deadly stolen cruiser crash.

Michael Allen captured video moments after the suspect crashed into several vehicles parked outside the Dayton Metro Library.

“All of a sudden we hear like a big bang,” he said. “That really messed with me, that’s not something I want to see, that’s something…you don’t want to wish that on anybody.”

Police say the crash that killed two children and injured almost a dozen more happened around 7:22 pm, the same time stamped on surveillance video from a nearby business.

It shows a police cruiser visibly speeding along East Third Street with no lights flashing.

Suzanne Croteau was inside the library at the time for a meeting that started at 7.

She says she didn’t hear anything, but saw the flashing lights, looking outside to find her car smashed along with several others including the stolen Riverside Police cruiser.

“There was debris everywhere, there’s still bits and pieces underneath where my car was, it was just like an explosion happened here,” she said.

Tuesday, she had her now-disabled car towed, still shaken knowing what it would have meant for her if she was just a few minutes later.

“Seeing police ripping the doors off of this van and taking children out of the van and laying these little babies down on the pavement…it’s breaking our hearts to know that two of them are dead,” she said.

A window in the library is now boarded up, after a rod from one of the cars went flying through it.