WILBERFORCE, Ohio (WDTN) — Enrollment numbers have created demand for new student housing at Wilberforce University.

Wilberforce University will begin construction of new residence halls in late September. The first building is scheduled for completion this December, with 33 students projected to move into the new dorms, according to a release.

Wilberforce has seen a 29% increase in enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, prompting the university to consider new housing solutions on campus. Currently, some students are housed in off-campus apartments leased by the university.

“I have gotten a lot of good feedback from students who are really excited about the prospect of having a new residence hall on campus,” said WU senior Alexander Murphy, president of the Student Government Association. “Everyone is looking forward to returning to school after the Christmas break to see what the first new dorm will look like.”

This is the first building in a proposed 10-dormitory complex featuring prefabricated residence halls. The three-story buildings will allow more students to connect to their collegiate environment.

“These pre-made dorms are a great solution to our housing issue,” said WU President Vann R. Newkirk.

“Financially, for the most part, we are building them on our own. The infrastructure at the construction site is already there, so plumbing and electrical services are ready. We will save money by not paying any more rent for other housing, we have furniture that has been in storage from other shuttered dorms, and we are ready to begin a campaign that will help raise additional capital.”

Groundbreaking for the first building began on Sept. 29 at 1055 North Bickett Road in Wilberforce.