DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — If you’ve stopped to get gas this week, you’ve likely noticed an increase. Gas is averaging around $3.69, jumping 20 cents from just last week.

Drivers like Bob Dillion says these prices are making it harder on people who are already struggling to make ends meet.

“I got like 70 cents off of Kroger’s right now, but I’m going to take five-gallon gas cans with me, so I can get extra hands,” Dillion said. “Yeah, it’s crazy.”

According to AAA, though the country is expected to see millions out traveling for Labor Day, that’s not the reason behind this surge in gas prices.

“The heat that was happening a couple of weeks ago really restricted the refineries’ ability to refine oil,” Kara Hitchens, manager of public and government affairs at AAA, said.

That rise in heat made it dangerous for U.S. refineries to create gasoline. That, coupled with Russia and Saudi Arabia cutting supply, led to higher prices.

Eleven states are averaging over four dollars per gallon, and other states are expected to climb to those numbers too as the months get colder.

“Very soon, refineries are going to be switching over to their winter blends,” Hitchens said. “So, we know that means refineries are going to shut down for maintenance, which is going to take some offline. And then gas, gas will be back up and running, but during that, during that maintenance period, I guess gasoline will be in short supply.”

AAA said they are doing their part to help people manage the increase in gas prices, and they have a calculator to help drivers determine how much their trips will cost.

You can find the calculator tool here.