WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — Residents in a Washington Township neighborhood recently discovered flyers espousing white supremacy on their property.

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed deputies from the Washington Township substation were alerted to papers distributed in the area of Brittany Hills and Woodbourne neighborhoods. Four reports were recently made regarding the flyers.

The sheriff’s office collected the flyers, spoke with witnesses, canvassed the area for video and determined if there was any criteria for an offense.

“Leaving a flyer on someone’s car or driveway, including literature promoting harmful ideologies, is generally not classified as a criminal offense solely based on the act of distribution,” the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said.

“We encourage anyone who comes across such literature to report it to our office so that we can monitor the situation and ensure the safety and well-being of our community members.”

The sheriff’s office has investigated similar complaints before, but those had not been for this flyer in this neighborhood. The time period between the last complaints and the recent ones that happened this past weekend is described as “a while.”

If you find a flyer, you can report it to the sheriff’s office by calling 937-225-4357.