DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The updated COVID-19 booster shot is making its way to the Miami Valley. Public health departments and retail pharmacies are all starting to receive their doses of the bivalent vaccine.

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC) just received its shipment of the booster this afternoon.

PHDMC will start giving out the updated coronavirus booster next week.

The bivalent booster has protection against both the original and omicron strains of COVID-19.

“What you need to do is just to make sure that you’re staying up with whatever the current vaccine is,” PHDMC Public Information Supervisor Dan Suffoletto said. “So right now we have the new vaccine, and if you’re eligible for that booster dose, you should go ahead and get that when your time comes.”

Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD) got in their shipment of the updated boosters Tuesday, and will start giving them out Thursday.

Health Commissioner Charles Patterson said the dose offers more protection against dominant omicron strains spreading right now.

“We’ve had, unfortunately, teachers and children who are contracting that because they’re back in the school environment,” CCCHD Health Commissioner Charles Patterson said. “We think that this bivalent booster is going to help slow that spread. So we’re really encouraged that it came out when it did.”

Greene County Public Health will have the booster this Friday during their weekly vaccine clinic.

Officials there are recommending it, especially to those at high risk for COVID-19 because immunity wanes over time.

“Just because they’ve had the the full, full vaccine or the full, you know, primary dosage and then two boosters, they can get a third booster as long as it’s been two months since your second booster,” Greene County Public Health Public Information Officer Laurie Fox said.

The updated booster is available now at retail pharmacies in the Miami Valley– like CVS Pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy is taking appointments through their online scheduling tool, and allows families to schedule appointments together. People who go to CVS can also get their flu shots at the same time.

“It does take two weeks for your body to build the antibodies to this vaccine to be fully protected,” CVS Health District Leader Dr. Amy Lynn Safaty said. “So it’s important to get vaccinated now that you are fully protected by the time the end of September rolls around and we find ourselves in peak flu season.”

Safatay said it is safe to receive both your COVID-19 and flu shots at the same time.

The updated Moderna booster is available to anyone 18 and older, while the Pfizer is available to people 12 and up.

To schedule a vaccine appointment through your local health department call or visit Ohio’s online vaccine scheduler. To make an appointment through CVS, click here.