DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Since 1981, April has been the month where crime victims’ rights are recognized. The month also serves as a chance to put a spotlight on the services available to victims and their loved ones after a tragedy.

Ohio has put a major emphasis on National Crime Victims’ Rights Week over the last several years.

This comes after lawmakers amended the state’s constitution in 2017 to include Marcy’s Law, which created a bill of rights for crime victims. In turn, the state wants to make sure victims know they’ll be heard and recognized.

This year’s theme is elevate, engage and effect change. Some of the rights include a requirement for victim’s to be notified in a reasonable time frame for any court proceedings involving their case. Victims also have the right to be informed if their offender will be released from custody and to be heard at any hearings.

Lastly, they have the right to restitution and to be informed of their rights. Montgomery County has been recognizing crime victim’s rights since 1974 with a division of the prosecutor’s office called My Victim Witness.

“We’re available any day of the week, all during the day and night for crisis intervention, support and information or services to those affected by violent crimes,” Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck, Jr. said. “They also provide emotional support and assistance to those who have loved, who have lost a loved one to violence.”

During the week, the Montgomery County Victim’s Witness Division will have a table set up in the lobby of the Montgomery County Courts Building to educate the public on what the week is all about.