CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Ahead of the first Ohio Vax-A-Million Lotter drawing many are wondering what the odds of taking home the million dollar prize are. There are two prize packages; one for adults 18 and older for $1 million and another prize for those age 12 to 17 which includes a full-ride scholarship to any of 14 Ohio Universities.

According to associate professor of mathematics at Cedarville University, Adam Hammett, chances of winning are around 1 in 2.67 million…and the odds get slimmer day-by-day.

“The pool is going to be smaller at first. It will continue to grow as the weeks go on so your odds get worse and worse…with each passing week,” said Hammett.

With more than 5 million adults who have started the vaccination process and more than 2 million registered for the drawing, A person is more likely to be struck by lightning in their lifetime. But there are better odds of winning the Vax-A-Million lottery than the Powerball according to Hammett.

For those in the 12 to 17 age range, odds are better of winning the full scholarship since fewer are vaccinated right now. For these teens, the odds of winning the full scholarship are around 1 in 100,000.

But, it’s not all left to chance. Hammett says the winner is more likely to be a young adult living in a metropolitan area. Young adults are more likely to have registered online because they are more familiar with, and have access to, technology. Those living in a metropolitan area are more likely to have access to the vaccine and are more likely to live and work and congregate settings that would encourage them to get vaccinated.

“Its probably going to be a higher percentage of people in urban areas that tend to register and get vaccinated,” he said.

But as long as a person has gotten at least 1 vaccine dose and has registered online, they are eligible to be the big winner.

The announcement of the winner comes at 7:29 Wednesday night. The drawing will happen weekly for the next four weeks.

To register for the Vax-a-Million lottery, click here.