WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A West Carrollton elementary school teacher has collected more than one million pop tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton.

“Of course a lot of the younger children don’t really realize that I’m actually a teacher here in the building. They think I’m here for the pop tabs,” laughs Harry Russell 5th grade intervention specialist Carol Carrier.

Mrs. Carrier started collecting pop tabs in 2014 as a math lesson as part of the district’s initiative to do project-based learning.

“I decided we’ll collect the tabs, my students and I will weigh them. We can do rounding and round to the nearest ounce, we can convert ounces to pounds, and all of the math that goes along with that,” states Carrier.

The school donated the collected tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, and the school-wide effort has continued every year since.

“I have three kids. I have spent a lot of time at Dayton Children’s, and I’ve been super fortunate that it was a brief visit, and I always think about what if you did not live close to Dayton Children’s and you needed a place to stay. And Ronald McDonald House is that place for a lot of people,” says Carrier.

Since 2014, she’s collected more than one million tabs equating to more than 800-some pounds of pop tabs.

“The first time I went to the Ronald McDonald House with boxes and boxes of tabs, I walked in to their lobby area, and the lady said ‘oh hi can I help you?’ and I said ‘oh I brought pop tabs to donate,’ and she held out her hand. And I just said, ‘It’s more. It’s more than that’,” recalls Carrier.

Each tab adds up. Pop tabs bring in extra money to the Ronald McDonald House that can help make up for the donations so families can stay there.

“You don’t have to go to Harry Russell to donate to our cause. I’ll take tabs from anyone at anytime,” says Carrier.