WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) — They’re not even old enough to drive, but some fifth and sixth graders in West Carrollton are learning how to pilot drones after the district received a grant.

The Drone Club at West Carrollton Intermediate School started in January.

Twice a week they meet to perfect their piloting skills while gearing up for their first competition.

Roughly 30 students are part of the club.

“I have a thing for technology. I tend to get on as much technology as I can. You can ask my grandmother that. She can confirm,” says sixth grade student Ily Andrews.

Students are not only flying drones, they’re programming them too.

“We program the drones using these block things for things like take off, land,” describes sixth grade student Michael Shuster. 

Students are getting ready for their first competition, learning how to maneuver around obstacles.  

“You have to control ping pong balls with air. You have to go through hoops,” describes Andrews.

“There’s a curtain and someone else has to guide you while you’re on the other side and can’t see what’s going on,” says Shuster.

Sixth grade STEM teacher and Drone Club coach Dawn Kincer is helping them navigate. 

“It’s great to see the wonder in their eyes. They’re so into it and so animated when they’re talking about the drones,” says Kincer.

The club started after a getting a grant. 

“We were awarded three drones and all of the competition field you see behind me. And then my school was gracious enough to also contribute ten more drones,” says Kincer.

With technology literally at their fingertips, they’re on the forefront of innovation with this generation flying into the future.

“I’m really good at controlling drones,” says Andrews.

“I just think it’s fun,” says Shuster.

Their competition will take place Saturday, March 4, at the Greene County Career Center.