WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The West Carrollton school district is hoping a new pay raise for substitute teachers will help replenish their depleted ranks. The school board just approved the first pay raise for substitutes in six years. 

West Carrollton hopes the pay increase will help the district compete, not just with other districts, but other careers. As the economy has improved, people are getting permanent positions, and that means they’re leaving the substitute pool. 

Devon Berry is the District’s Director of Human Resources. He says, “For West Carrollton, five years ago we had roughly 94, and we’ve lost a third of those teachers.” More than 30 people have left the West Carrollton substitute teacher pool, many of them telling the district the pay wasn’t high enough. 

Berry says, “When the economy is difficult, people with degrees are searching for jobs, so it isn’t as difficult to get substitute teachers at that time.” This week the school board approved a $25 a day increase to $115. School officials hope it will bring back qualified teachers. 

Berry says, “Five years ago we had engineers that were out of work, and those engineers make awesome math teachers and physics teachers. So, when the economy got a little bit better, they were able to find employment, so unfortunately we lost them as substitute teachers.” 

Berry says roughly two-thirds of nearby districts have increased their substitute pay within the past five years, so even the teachers who did stay in West Carrollton’s pool often filled openings at other districts for more money. 

This new increase puts West Carrollton near the top of the list of area districts’ pay. “It’s kind of easy for them to just look and say, ‘if I can do this job and make $50 more a day, then I’ll do the same job in another district.” 

Berry says candidates only need a bachelor’s degree to start, adding the district will help them obtain a substitute license. The pay increase is already in effect, and West Carrollton hopes it will entice more people to become substitute teachers. 

You can contact the West Carrollton school district to learn more: 

Email Lisa Green or call (937) 859-5250