WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Miami Valley school districts are still seeing the impact of a bus driver shortage, with one district putting out the plea for substitute drivers.

West Carrollton City School District has been able to keep buses on the road but they fear that without the drivers they need, it could cause disruptions to student transportation.

“We’ve been pretty good up to this point but now we’re at the point now where it’s time to really push to get some extra people in here,” West Carrollton City Schools Business Manager Jack Hagg said.

Hagg said when there’s not enough drivers, the district has to get resourceful to keep all routes running.

“The people who work in our office, they’re all trying to drive, so we pull them off and put them in driving,” Hagg said. “I myself, I have a CDL so if I have to I’m working on completing my physical stuff this year, so I could be available to them again. But yeah, we do what we can first, but it’s possible that we might end up with late buses some days, or we might struggle to get a route filled and I’m not sure what we would do.”

Hagg said typically a substitute driver will get 25 hours of work a week, running routes before and after school.

No CDL is require before applying, the district will pay for all the training and CDL test.

Hagg said, “There’s no such thing as too many substitute bus drivers. you know we could use 3 to 5 right now and keep them busy every day.”

“What we’re doing is looking to fill that void so we can ensure that our kids are to school every day on time and ready to go,” Hagg said.

It’s not just a substitute bus driver shortage, the district is also in need of substitute teachers and aids.

“We’re looking for substitute teachers, we’re looking for classroom aids, playground aids, lunch aids, you know the list goes on and on,” Hagg said. “Anybody interested in getting to work, getting your foot in the door of the school district, we will find a position for you where you’d fit in.”

Anyone interested in applying for a bus driver position should contact Belinda Cox, Transportation Supervisor, at bcox@wcsd.k12.oh.us or (937) 859-5121, ext. 9.