DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Officials with Dayton Public Schools held a ceremony Thursday to commemorate the latest project underway at Welcome Stadium.

The stadium is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation to upgrade its facilities. Victoria Jones, the Executive Director of Athletics for DPS, said these renovations were a long time coming.

“We’ve been in these conditions for a very long time. I mean, you’re talking about 1949, I mean we had small renovations with some of the track and the press box, but big picture, our kids are going to be amazed,” Jones said.

Members of the community and officials with DPS gathered for a small ceremony to sign a beam which was then placed onto the foundation of the new press box. This is just one of several projects planned for the stadium. The new turf field and track are complete. Work will also be done to upgrade the concession areas and locker rooms, along with stadium seating.

Dr. Chrisondra Goodwine is the school board president and a former DPS student. She said it is amazing to see these plans finally come to fruition.

“I’m really excited as a former marching band individual to see that this field is amazing here. It’s always great when you get to come back and see that the things that you invested in as a student is still going beyond you,” Dr. Goodwine said.

This is the first major renovation of Welcome Stadium in more than 70 years. Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli said the project was always about the students. She said she hopes investing in a state-of-the-art facility will create a better future for Dayton athletes for years to come.

“This is a show place for them to be proud of, to come and do their very best on these fields and on this track. So, it’s because I believe in our students and they deserve what we’re able to offer with this new facility,” Dr. Lolli said.

Dr. Lolli said all of the work is expected to be finished by August, just in time for football season. She also said they are working on securing funding to build a new field house and discus field.

The Edwin C. Moses track meet will also be able to be held at the end of April.