DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Members of’s first-time voter group expressed frustration with the problems during the Iowa caucus, but overall weren’t concerned it was a sign of systematic problems.

For the 2020 election year, assembled a group of first-time voters. Some of the group met for a discussion in January to discuss politics and their concerns as they approach their first time voting.

ELECTION 2020: Meet’s First-Time Voter Group

On the Iowa Caucus:

“I have a lot of family in Iowa. (The problems were) a bit of a shocker. It was off-putting. This is a big election and I don’t think there should be room for this type of error in an election year as big as this one. I think it’s a good idea for them to move to a more modern way of voting. – Liam Armstrong

“I was following it in school and googling the results. It was very confusing and almost stressful, just because it wasn’t representative of democracy. This is the first time I feel involved in it and that it was disastrous watching the caucus it was hard to witness.” – Lizzy Sparks

“I was anticipating the results but at the end of the night, they were only reporting 10 percent. I thought it was funky how slowly things were reported. How the app they used hadn’t been tested beforehand. Everything seemed sketchy.” – Joey Nartker

Do you have any concerns about the election following Iowa?

“I’m not worried because (what happened) in the caucus doesn’t affect me. I’m an Ohio voter and I vote in a primary.” – Joey Nartker

“I know there were problems but I’m not sure how if it was due to their app. My parents were talking about how the digital age was taking over. They’re concerned and I also am. I don’t like the heavy reliance on technology and it being required as part of everyday life. I’m definitely more old school but I guess we all have to adapt.” – Lilith Holloway

“I didn’t hear much about it except for how the situation and the confusion were playing out.” – Tyasia Waters

“I don’t think using an app bothered me, it was it being poorly designed or not well thought out. It’s just a caucus, it’s not the end-all-be-all, but more tests are needed to make sure this is viable. If these problems keep showing up and it’s something we can not do with our technology we need to go back to the way things were and get a more accurate representation of the data.” – Liam Armstrong

“I’m hopeful it will go better. I’m hopeful it will go more smoothly and have fewer holes that people can poke in.” – Lizzy Sparks

Have you narrowed down who you are voting for?

“I’m definitely leaning more democratic this election than I thought I would be. I have some concerns with a couple of the front-runners like Bernie Sanders is really far to the left. I don’t love Elizabeth Waren and I don’t know enough about the other candidates yet, but those are the two I’ve heard the most about.” – Lilith Holloway

“The three I’m considering most are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. If I had to pick one, I would choose Bernie because of the issues he represents.” – Tyasia Waters

“Since the beginning, I was excited about Andrew Yang. He had ideas that were fresh and new. It was between him and Bernie Sanders. Bernie has been consistent in his beliefs while other politicians tend to sway.” – Joey Nartker

“I’d say Peter Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg. (Bloomberg) has an enormous amount of money. Everything I’m seeing from him is from advertising. I know he was late in the running but I’m interested in how he fares against the other candidates when it’s not just his advertising and focusing on the good stuff.” – Liam Armstrong

“I’m leaning toward Bernie. I’ll definitely vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is. I’m leaning toward Bernie but I’m not 100 percent certain.” – Lizzy Sparks

Are you considering early voting?

“I’m probably not voting early. I want to wait and see what goes on, and see how everyone’s views shape up. Plus next semester I have more time to focus and see what’s going on. – Tyasia Waters

“I’m not voting early, I’ll be voting on election day. I’m interested in seeing everything play out. Right now there’s no solid candidate I want to vote for. Maybe as time goes on there will be a clear candidate I like.” – Liam Armstrong

“I might vote early if I’m busy on election day. I’ll have to see what my schedule is like. Other than that I’ll probably vote the day of the election,” – Joey Nartker

“I probably won’t but it’s not completely out of the question. It depends on my fall school and work schedule.” – Lilith Holloway

“No, I want to get the full experience.” – Lizzy Sparks