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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Gem City Shine featured celebrities, artists, comedians, and stars from across the country to reclaim the Oregon District. Here are some sights and sounds from the Oregon District on Sunday night.

Among the celebrities that made an appearance: Jon Stewart, Michael Che, Chance the Rapper, Stevie Wonder, and host Dave Chappelle.

UPDATE 10:15 P.M.: Stevie Wonder has wrapped up his set as the headliner of Gem City Shine and crowds are beginning to make their way out of the area.

UPDATE 8:53 P.M.: Music legend Stevie Wonder, escorted onstage by Chappelle, is now performing for Gem City Shine attendees.

“Dayton, stay strong. Gem City, I beg you, show them how great you are. Shine as hard as you can. Don’t take it from me, take it from the legend. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Stevie Wonder,” Chappelle said before leading the icon to a piano at the front of the stage.

UPDATE 8:50 P.M.: Jon Stewart has joined Dave Chappelle on stage, where the crowd is singing “Happy Birthday” to Chappelle.

“Whether you know it or not, your voices are strong and you are important,” the comedian said to the crowd.

UPDATE 8:45 P.M.: Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che popped on stage briefly with Chappelle to say hello to the crowd.

UPDATE 8:40 P.M.: Chappelle has taken the stage to entertain attendees while crews set the stage for the next performer. He said he believes about 120,000 people must have come out for the benefit concert.

UPDATE 8:23 P.M.: Chance the Rapper has wrapped up his performance and crews are setting up for the next act. Pianos have been placed near the front of the stage. These are instruments often seen with performers such as Lady Gaga or Stevie Wonder, both of whom were seen doing sound checks earlier in the day!

UPDATE 7:28 P.M.: Comedian Jon Stewart joined Dave Chappelle on stage before Chance the Rapper’s performance.

At the end of Teyana Taylor’s performance, she gave an emotional tribute to the victims of the Aug. 4 shooting.

UPDATE: 6:46 P.M.: Teyana Taylor is the third performer at Gem City Shine, a veteran actress and singer who has appeared in videos for Kanye West.

Teyana Taylor takes over the stage at Gem City Shine on Sunday, Aug. 25. Staff photo/Julia Palazzo

UPDATE: 6:20 P.M.: Second performer of the night – Talib Kweli, who formed rap duo Black Star with Mos Def in the late 1990s.

UPDATE 6:11 P.M.: Living Dayton anchor Julia Palazzo said a couple people were hurt when officials were handing water to fans. A few decided to start throwing the bottles. This happened after Thundercat’s performance.

UPDATE 5:32 P.M.: Dave Chappelle appeared before the crowd to introduce opening act Thundercat, the noted producer, guitarist and bass guitarist who played with Suicidal Tendencies and won a Grammy in 2016 for his work on a Kendrick Lamar album.

According to Living Dayton’s Julia Palazzo, the crowd was in good spirits, but several people fainted because of heat. No one had been taken away by medics, but security was hauling water to fans by the stage.

UPDATE 4:28 P.M.: Living Dayton host Zac Pitts is live on Facebook at Gem City Shine.

UPDATE 4:16 P.M.: Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley spoke before the Gem City Shine benefit concert in the Oregon District at 4 p.m.

UPDATE 3:40 P.M.: Dave Chappelle’s touring DJ is on stage now. People are moving closer to the stage area.

UPDATE 3:15 P.M. : Crowds are moving to the stage as showtime gets closer and a DJ has began playing to entertain the crowd.

Brooke Moore, 2 NEWS Anchor, tweeted guitarist John Mayer and actor Bradley Cooper are in Dayton.

According to 2 NEWS reporter Judith Retana, security wasn’t checking for tickets earlier in the day, but are now. Lines are long at restaurants and bars while vendors have been busy selling merchandise to benefit the tragedy fund.

  • Oregon District hosting art project memorializing nine killed

UPDATE 2:51 P.M.: Long lines are forming outside the Oregon District where the Gem City Shine event officially begins at 4 p.m.

RTA is providing shuttle service from UD Arena to Wayne Avenue outside the Oregon District.

Dave Chappelle has been spotted downtown waving to people while Stevie Wonder had a soundcheck on the Gem City Shine main stage.

UPDATE 2:05 pm: Businesses in the Oregon District are welcoming visitors and offering many items for sale including food, clothing and Dayton-themed items.


UPDATE 1:30 pm: Lines are forming and tickets are being scanned as the gates are open for the Gem City Shine.


Celebrities have been spotted in the Oregon District performing sound checks ahead of the Gem City Shine event later in the day. Kanye West hosted a Sunday Service at RiverScape MetroPark and Lady Gaga was seen on the stage doing her sound check.

8-25 Lady Gaga Sound Check
(WDTN Photo/Julia Palazzo)


Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian and comedian Dave Chappelle were also there. The event drew a large crowd to Riverscape Sunday morning. The event lasted about 90 minutes and featured choir singers.

Kanye took the stage Sunday morning and immediately began firing up the crowd. West said, “We’ve come to love you and we’ve come to share the love of Jesus Christ with you all today.”

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley also posted on her Twitter feed Sunday morning about the Sunday Service.

Kim Kardashian West began sharing Instagram stories in January of the events which have grown in popularity.

Later Sunday, Chappelle will host Gem City Shine in the Oregon District. Around 20,000 people are expected at the event being held to honor those killed in the August 4th mass shooting.

The event is happening from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Preparation for the day’s events got underway early Sunday morning.

RTA is operating free shuttles from UD Arena where attendees are encouraged to park for free Sunday morning.

  • 8-25 UD Parking 1
  • 8-25 UD Parking 4
  • 8-25 UD Parking 4
  • 8-25 UD Parking 4

Streets around Oregon District are blocked off and access is restricted to those who have tickets.

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