HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) — A purple heart veteran from Kettering and his family received a new home.

Cody Blevins is a retired US Army Specialist. Blevins, along with his wife Jessica and three children received a new home in the Dayton area on behalf of Wells Fargo and the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

When the family showed up to a location, which ended up becoming their new home, they believed they were meeting with other local military veterans and to only look at a potential home. After the Blevins’s were at the location of the home, they were told the home was already theirs, plus got to tour their new home.

The home provided by Wells Fargo and the Military Warriors Support Foundation is said to be new. The family will not have to pay a mortgage on the home either.

Blevins grew up in Miamisburg and joined the US Army in 2009, where he served in Afghanistan as an Army Specialist. During his service in the Middle East, Blevins was wounded in action, becoming a recipient of the Purple Heart. In 2012, the Army veteran retired from the military, according to Wells Fargo.

To hear more of Blevins’s story, you can watch the “TODAY Show” clip in the player above.