DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton will be welcoming its new Police Chief on Monday morning.

According to the City of Dayton, Kamran Afzal will be sworn in as Director and Chief of the Dayton Police Department in a ceremony held at City Hall in the City Commission Chambers.

Dayton City Manager Shelley Dickstein appointed Kamran Afzal as the new chief of police for the Dayton Police Department at the end of October. She said Chief Afzal has nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement operations and executive leadership, including his most recent service as the police chief in Hopewell, Virginia.

“I am humbled beyond words and privileged to be given the honor of leading a dynamic department and continue to build upon the Dayton Police Department’s legacy,” said Chief Afzal.

After taking the oath and accepting the badge, Police Chief Afzal spoke, thanking those who had helped him along the way and congratulating the former chief on his retirement.

Afzal then explained that he will work to resolve the issues that cops bring up, to the best of his ability.

“I can’t promise that that’s not going to occur because you can’t really predict what’s going to come up here, but well do our part to make sure we’re together in this next journey,” he said.

Afzal said that he is willing to say what needs to be said, and not what people want to hear, and said he is not ideologically driven.

“I believe we are here to serve others, not police, Afzal said. “And at times that means that we will take some action that will take somebody’s liberties away because that’s what’s needed. At times that means that we will use an alternate way of dealing with things because that’s what’s needed. At times it means we might issue a traffic ticket because that’s what’s needed. At times it means we’ll come to a barbeque and break bread with you.”

He closed his speach by expressing his thanks for those present and for the position.

“I love our profession, I love the men and women that work in our profession,” he said. “There isn’t a profession that I know of, or not a lot of them, where people who call this a profession will put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.”

You can watch the swearing-in ceremony below.