DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The City of Dayton revealed its new flag on Wednesday, December 15.

According to the city, work began in 2019 when the city asked the public for designs and elements for the new flag.  The city’s intention was to create a flag that reflects the input of its citizens. Sadly, this project was put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic

The city received over 300 design submissions, Mayor Nan Whaley said.

Before the break, three of these designs were submitted to the public for an open comment period. Whaley said that the Dayton firm Catapult creative then used this feedback to combine elements from each of the winning designs into a single flag.

Two years after this project began, a new design has finally been chosen.

The flag was revealed at Dayton City Hall on Wednesday, December 15. The former flag has been in use since 1958, the city said.

You can watch the unveiling of the flag in the player below.

The new flag features the Wright Flyer’s Wings, symbolizing innovation and flying higher. The bright colors symbolize the Gem City and her resilience, and the contrasting lines represent unity in diversity. The five stripes, four white and one blue represent the five rivers that were so critical to Dayton’s history.

The colors used also bear significance, with the bright green and dark and pale blues symbolizing the ground, water, and sky.

For more information on the Dayton Flag Project, click here.