WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — Residents in Washington Township will soon see lowered rates on their electric bills.

After soliciting bids from multiple electricity suppliers to see what their rates would be, the township chose Energy Harbor, which offered a rate of $0.0689 per kilowatt hour through the May 2025 meter read.

Washington Township also locked in a rate with Energy Harbor through May 2025 of $0.0727 per kWh for renewable energy.

Residents in the township will be automatically enrolled into the program, but the program is not required for residents. On Monday, June 12, residents will receive a letter in the mail that explains the program.

Energy Harbor is only the energy supplier. AES Ohio will continue to deliver the electricity and be the one you contact for outages and other issues.

“We anticipate that residents will start seeing savings on their electric bill by September of this year,” Washington Twp. Trustee President Dale Berry said. “The standard rate through AES Ohio is currently $0.109/kWh, so with these lower rates through the aggregation program, the average household can expect to see significant savings on their electric bill. This is a win-win for our residents and there really is no downside.”

Information will also be included about how residents will be able to opt-out. If residents do not have an electric supplier agreement, they will be entered into the township’s agreement with Energy Harbor.