HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Huber Heights is the future location of another Warped Wing expansion.

The business is setting its sights on the north side of Dayton, an untapped beer market for the brewery.
Warped Wing, originally opening as a brewery only, with no intentions of expanding as far as they have.

Co-founder Nick Bowman said once they expanded to Springboro and added food, they realized they were good at more than one thing, and with less brewery coverage north of Dayton, Huber Heights is a prime location for their next venture.

Nick Bowman, Co-founder and VP of sales and marketing at Warped Wing Brewery said, “During the pandemic we started our home delivery service and we delivered more beer to the Huber Heights market than any other market so we knew that there was a customer base up there, some Warped Wing fans, and so we started looking around north and this location next to The Rose presented itself and it was kind of a no brainer after that.”.

The location will feature a large taproom with outdoor biergarten, warehouse and production space, and a private event space, one thing that Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore is excited about.

Huber Heights Mayor Jeff Gore said, “We’re a destination where businesses want to locate. We have lots of discretionary income in Huber Heights that several businesses still may not be aware of. So I think when a business like this decides to locate to Huber Heights, I think that says a lot about their confidence in our residents and the type of consumers that they will be.”

The Springboro location has a pilot system that allows them to experiment new styles of beer, but have been running into problems supplying enough to get to all 3 locations, but will not be a problem in the future.

John Haggerty, co-founder and brewmaster at Warped Wing Brewery said, “We’re looking at trying to put a little bit bigger system in there between our production plant and this current pilot system so that we can make enough beer to put it across all four taprooms and have it long enough that people can sample it.”

Construction is set to begin in November, and they are hoping to open in the beginning of May 2023.