DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to residents living within the county.

Rob Streck, the Montgomery County Sheriff said on Friday, March 24 that someone has been making telephone calls to residents and providing false information and demands.

When the person makes a phone call to the resident, they improperly identify themselves as “Kenny”. The person tells the caller they are affiliated with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, which Streck says they are not. On the telephone, the phone number (937) 699-7131 has been appearing on the Caller ID when the scammer makes the call to the unsuspecting resident.

The fraudulent caller tells the resident either they have failed to show up to court or there is a legal matter that needs discussed. After the incorrect claim, the resident is told they must make a large payment or be faced with an arrest warrant.

Some of the forms of payment being told include Apple Pay, money order, PayPal, or another form of payment.

“These scammers can be very convincing and while in hindsight it may be easy to blame the
victims, please keep in mind that these ruthless scammers are very successful at targeting people
from all walks of life and age groups,” Streck said.

Even if another number shows up on your telephone and it sounds similar to the scam, fraudsters have been known to “spoof” phone numbers.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will never call and demand payment or threaten arrest for unpaid fines, warrants, missed dates in court or any other reason. If you believe you have received a scam phone call, including the Montgomery County impersonator, do not tell any of your personal information to the caller; hang up and call your local police department.