** This story has been updated to provide more context and information surrounding the initial WARN notice.**

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Changes could be on the way to a trucking company in Butler County.

The Yellow Corporation is said to operate a location through USF Holland LLC d/b/a Holland and YRC Enterprise Services, Inc. called Cincinnati Terminal 331 in West Chester Township, the letter to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services WARN system (ODJFS) says.

The Union Steward of the YRC tells 2 NEWS that the location is in the process of merging, but the merger has not yet happened. The steward says people will still be able to keep their jobs.

Another company representative sent a statement to 2 NEWS with additional information saying:

In parts of the U.S., Yellow operates multiple facilities within the same city. Some of these properties are smaller end-of-line terminals, which are being combined with larger and more modern regional terminals and distribution centers.

Through our long-planned change of operations as part of our nationwide One Yellow enterprise transformation, we anticipate that our two West Chester, Ohio facilities will be consolidated into one. In 2022, we communicated this change to our local employees.

Out of an abundance of caution, we sent WARN notices with respect to the closing facility despite the fact that the majority – if not all- of our impacted employees will be presented with other local Yellow opportunities.  The Cincinnati-area will continue to be an important hub for Yellow. We have a strong employee base that serves our customers well and we remain committed to ensuring excellent customer service in Ohio and elsewhere both throughout and after the completion of our One Yellow enterprise transformation.

Representative for Yellow Corporation

The company says it is working with the union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) to initiate the transfer process of employees that are impacted.

The company says they are looking for workers that are interested in joining the team. If you would like to apply, you are encouraged to click here to apply to join the Yellow team or call 1 (877) 249-2271.

On Yellow Corporation’s website, the company describes itself as being in business for over 95 years.