RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – A group of volunteers is scouting search locations for Cheryl Coker. Police announced this week they believe she is dead, but have not found her remains.

Now, some of Coker’s friends are feeling empowered to search harder because police see them as part of the team.

“They are out doing a search party or looking in general areas and helping us out, while we are doing the behind the scenes work of internal operations, and the things the community can’t do,” officials said during an update earlier this week.

From Woodman Fen to Eastwood MetroPark, Charity Leiter and Vickie Cyrus have been on the ground searching whenever they have time.  

“We’re glad that they [police] are handling it the way they are. I would never question that. I don’t understand how they name someone and he’s still walking around,” Leiter tells 2 NEWS.

Cheryl’s husband, William, has been called out be detectives for avoiding them and refusing to take a polygraph.

“He did something to her,” Leiter believes. “What he did, I don’t know.”

As questions arise, the searchers have one job: look, don’t touch, and take pictures.

The snow is not making things any easier, so Friday’s gathering was more about scouting possible search locations.

It might be a shot in the dark, but that doesn’t matter to Cheryl’s friends. The feeling of a potential discovery is keeping everyone going.

Community searchers say they will help in any capacity that they can, and if detectives tell them to stop, they will.

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