HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) — A virus that posts inappropriate content was found in an app used by Huber Heights City Schools on Wednesday.

According to Huber Heights City Schools, a virus was introduced to the district’s classroom management application called “Seesaw” on Wednesday, Sept. 14. The virus posts inappropriate images to the “messages” section of the app and is reportedly a nationwide issue.

The district is working with Seesaw to eliminate the virus and in the meantime, has removed the login option from all student tablets and Chromebooks.

The district warned parents not to click on any links in Seesaw emails and recommended that they remove the app from phones and other devices until further notice.

The incident has not only been reported in Huber Heights but it has also been seen nationwide.

Huber Heights City Schools reported that there will likely be additional steps to fix the issue, but they will continue to update the community.