ENON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Village of Enon along with Mad River Township purchased land to develop it into a state-of-the-art sports facility.

The village and township bought 60.49 acres of land off of Enon Road near I-70. Each entity spent $270,533 to buy the land. Rick Hanna, president of the Enon Village Council, said they want to create a new place for recreation.

“We anticipate to be working with a yet to be chosen engineering firm to maximize the potential of this land for soccer, softball, baseball, dog park, nature walk, and anything else our community might want to compliment the adjoining property which is right next to Enon Park,” Hanna explained.

Part of the allure of this plot of land was its proximity to the community’s water source. Enon Mayor Tim Howard thought it was important for the safety of the village’s drinking water.

“This gives us an opportunity to actually own the land that is in our protection area. The use for recreational purposes is a safe use, it’s a use that is not only going to benefit the community from a recreational aspect, it’s going to protect that water supply,” Howard said.

Hanna believes this plan could help boost the local economy and set the community up to become a destination for visitors.

“There could be tournaments held there which would bring families and consequently more money into Enon Village and the township. So we want this to be a top class facility,” Hanna said.

The village and township will be looking for an engineer to design the site. It could take anywhere from two to 10 years to complete.