GREENVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — A new collaborative market is open in Greenville, bringing together a variety of vendors to give Darke County more options and access to fresh products.

Four Twenty Three is located inside the old KitchenAid Experience building at 423 South Broadway Street. For owner Sarah Royer, Four Twenty Three holds a deeper meaning than just the street number.

“Four Twenty Three is the address,” says Royer. “But when I looked it up, 423 has significance. And that significance is that ships are safer in a port, but it’s their mission to go out and to be free in the waters and to take a risk and to take that challenge because that’s where growth comes from. And so I wanted everybody in this building to be on that boat and be able to work together and go take a chance,” said Royer.

Royer took a chance bringing together local vendors for her vision. “I had my hesitation opening up right after the pandemic, but I know this is what I was supposed to do. This was the calling,” says Royer.

In the works for about a year, she opened the market about a month ago to carry out her vision to unify business owners and better serve the rural Darke County community.

“I wanted to find a group of people that really supported one another, cared about each other, and wanted to come together and make a difference in this community, and for there still to be a place for people to want to come to be a part of,” says Royer.

Owner of the Merchant House, Chris Campbell is part of that group. “It’s very much a love story to our community and to Darke County, and we want them to be able to see this and experience this. It’s so much fun. It’s fun for us. It’s fun for them,” says Campbell. He’s been in the restaurant industry for about 25 years and is bringing fresh food to Four Twenty Three.

“This was a great next step for us to do some quick grab and go lunches and some take and bake meals and things so it worked out really good actually,” says Campbell. “Pressure is on, but it’s neat and it’s what people come for. They come here, they want to see that. They want to see their food being made. They want it clean. They want it fresh. We use all local products when we can. We get fresh produce in, use local meats, and things like that.”

While Royer has brought together a number of vendors for the market, she plans to open an event venue in the downstairs part of the building in a few months. “We will have weddings and meetings, and classes,” says Royer. “We get to cater for that too. It was kind of a no-brainer for us,” says Campbell.

The market is an attraction for new shoppers and those curious. “I think it’s something that’s needed. I think it’s something that could be a driving force now. I think a lot with like COVID and stuff like that brought this to the forefront–types of things that we didn’t have in a small community, starting to show up now,” says shopper Chris Hecht.

Some shoppers have already become established regulars. “I have an hour long lunch break. I’m a big soup and salad fan,” says Stephanie House who grabbed a bite from the Merchant House inside Four Twenty Three on her lunch break. “I want at least like 20 minutes just to put my head back together. So I love coming in here and getting whatever his soup of the day is and a salad, and spending my 20 minutes of chilling out before going back to work.”

With foot-traffic and new products, Royer is hoping the market grows as does her passion. “I am just overwhelmed by the support from the community, and obviously we could not do this without that support,” says Royer.

Royer also owns two other businesses in Greenville–The Natural Path spa and retail store.

Four Twenty Three is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.