DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — On Monday, Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance put national security in the spotlight by meeting with Air Force and Space Force intelligence leaders at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The visit left Vance with what he called a “sobering” experience about the technological advancements coming from the base to ensure safety.

Following Representative Mike Turner’s intelligence committee retreat last week, Vance shares that continued support from lawmakers. He said that is key to continued success for Ohio’s largest employer.

“I think continuing to visit and continuing to show up, certainly we are going to do a lot of things with our staff and myself here at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” Vance said.

“My view here is that we have an incredibly important asset economically for the Dayton region, but most importantly an incredible amount of security personnel here who are making sure that we stay ahead of the next conflict to come.”

Vance isn’t only focusing on national security. He said he is also committed to passing the Railway Safety Act in the wake of the East Palestine train derailment.

He said the bill could get out of committee by early May, with potentially a full vote in the senate by summer.