DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – United Rehabilitation Services has been hit by catalytic converter thefts, a loss that affects more than simple repairs.

Dennis Grant, CEO of URS said that this is the second time this year the parts were stolen from their fleet of 15-passenger vans. Last time, they calculated the loss to be $2,500 per converter. On Tuesday night, four converters were stolen.

Even with the high monetary and time cost involved in repairs, Grant says that this is not the worst loss associated with the thefts.

“We have families of adults with disabilities that count on us to provide transportation, to get them to URS every day, so they can continue to work and make productive lives,” Grant said. “For those individuals who we can no longer transport, it’s going to be really a challenge.”

Grant said that this problem continues to happen because buyers in the area fail to ask enough questions about where the parts may be coming from, encouraging sellers to continue these thefts.

“We’ve spoken with police multiple times about the importance of monitoring these metal recycling companies, to make sure that there’s some accountability for accepting multiple catalytic converters,” Grant said. “We don’t all have four 15-passenger-vehicles in our back yards to cut these off. It’s unbelievable to me that this continues now.”