DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A three-year-old girl born with developmental delays is making remarkable strides thanks to the United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton

Shauna Case, Emma’s mom, says Emma had a lot of difficulties after she was born.

“She has microdeletion of chromosome 17p13.1 and 13.2,” says Shauna. “Walking, talking, sitting up, crawling, everything has been pretty delayed.”

Emma had trouble in daycare because she wasn’t developing as quickly as the others her age.

Emma started coming to URS in February 2022 shortly after she turned one.

“It has not only helped her with the therapy she’s gotten here and the love and support, but it’s also helped me because I’m able to go to work and work full time while she is getting therapy,” says Shauna. “She’s receiving occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, and feeding.”

Through walking, climbing, puzzles, and painting, therapists help strengthen her fine and gross motor skills.

“I just feel like each week when she comes home she is doing more and more,” says Shauna.

Shauna says since coming to URS, it’s made their life so much easier, and Emma has made significant progress.

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