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URS earns five-star honors

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) - United Rehabilitation Services in Huber Heights has earned themselves five-star honors for the care they provide to the Miami Valley.

"It's really all about making sure that we're providing the kind of comprehensive care that's going to make a difference in their lives every day," said Executive Director Dennis Grant.

It's a rare and important designation, but URS is shining brightly with its five-star "Step up to Quality" rating.

Grant said, "You know one of the special things about United Rehabilitation Services is the fact that we have one of the highest quality early childhood education centers where all children, regardless of their abilities, whatever challenges they may face, all have an equal opportunity."

It's early childhood program serves kids six weeks to 18 years old. The organization earned its stars for its early learning standards, accreditation, and child-to-staff ratios...among other standards.

"We have lower child to staff ratios in our classrooms that really allows us to provide the kind of intensive care and treatment that they require," said Grant.

The Dallis Family can attest to the exceptional care URS provides. Dustin Dallis, the father of a patient said, "When we found out about URS, it was kind of like, is this too good to be true? We can have her in daycare and her therapy services all in one spot."

Dustin and his wife Sarah moved to the area four years ago, stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. They stumbled on URS after they were looking for a place with childcare too.

Dennis Grant said, "Not only can we serve Ellie who has some significant challenges in their life, but also their typically developing sister, Liberty," 5-year-old Ellie needs speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapy. She's blind and also has autistic tendencies.

Mom Sarah Dallis said, "The fact that we were able to find someone who was comfortable working with her, and could help her progress as much as she has, has been invaluable for us as a family." But URS gives Dustin and Sarah hope for their daughter.

"As a parent of special needs you sometimes tend to think a little pessimistically, and so every time she comes home and she can do something new, especially when she can now walk on her own with a cane, it's just blowing expectations away for us and it's taking us to another level of what can she do next," said Dad, Dustin.

It's with the help of URS's five-star program, that kids like Ellie are able to overcome significant challenges and navigate the world with confidence.

"And as a result, we're able to see much more rapid progress in these children, and when you think about early intervention and the impact that can have especially in those early years for these kids, we can change lives, and we really do see miracles every day."

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