DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton has been serving its community for over 60 years. They work with people of all ages, from babies to adults.

They’ve been working with some clients for decades — one being Armando Barreno.

Armando’s Mom, Millie Mallory, described him as a happy-go-lucky guy.

“He’s one of the biggest flirts I know,” Mallory said. “You just pop that smile, and everybody loves it.”

He’s popular both because of his personality and because of his time spent at URS.

“A lot of people know Armando because he’s been here for a long time,” Mallory said. “He’s been coming here since he’s been about either three or four.”

Dennis Grant, CEO of United Rehabilitation Services said their mission is to create a care plan that can meet their needs from birth all the way up until their senior years.

“Armando has been here over 20 years since he was in preschool. But we have so many individuals who have been here literally all of their lives,” Grant said. “About 25 percent of the adults who attend URS’s daily programs have been here for over 25 years.

URS Occupational Therapist Sarah Rock said Armando loves music and is working for more independence in listening to his favorite tunes.

“So right now, we’ve been working on switch-adapted items,” Rock said. “So essentially, we have a button that allows Armando to turn the music on and off, to let him be more independent with that activity.”

The URS adult services program and the University of Dayton Engineering Department are working together to create more ways for Armando to be independent.

Stephanie French, URS Physical Therapist, said they are working on an appliance to assist with Armando’s independence in listening to music.

“It’ll be something that’ll be a little bit more easily transported with Armando to make it easier for him to make choices about his music and hopefully adapt it to do more social things like playing games – whatever else Armando chooses,” French said.