DAWSON SPRINGS, Kentucky (WDTN) – Ohio Task Force One is beginning its second day of work for the state of Kentucky.

The task force has set up a base of operations in a university east of Mayfield and is living in a dorm there. On Monday, the team spent the day searching two areas near Mayfield: Graves County to the west and Dawson Springs, which is northeast of Mayfield.

Phil Sinewe, Team PIO stated, “To give a sense of magnitude, the two areas the team worked yesterday are a 70-mile drive apart, all devastated by tornados. Team members are humbled by the damage but are upbeat because of the positive work they are doing, helping the people of Kentucky to start the recovery effort.”

On Tuesday, December 14, the team will continue to search the Dawson Springs area for potential victims and to assess damages for the State of Kentucky.

“The damage we are seeing along our entire route is significant and cannot be put into words,” Task Force Leader Jim O’Connor said. “Our task force covered a large search area yesterday and will continue that work today.”