EATON, Ohio (WDTN) – When Bonnie Cole was asked to help her mother out one Election Day, she did not know it would spark an interest that would last six decades.

“She was presiding judge at her precinct and they had someone that didn’t show up. So she called and said would you come work. And that got me started,” Cole explained.

Cole started as a poll worker in Preble County when she was 23 years old. Now, she is one of Preble County’s most beloved faces on Election Day. Lisa Boggs, director of the Board of Elections for Preble County, said Cole is known for being dependable and kind.

“She’s one that you can always call right away, and she’s like absolutely, I’ll be right there,” Boggs said.

Bonnie has enjoyed her time as a poll worker, getting to see how the election process changed over the last 60 years.

“We had to write everyone’s name down, their address, all that kind of thing, what ballot they were getting. It was quite involved. And today is so much easier with a computer, so much faster and easier,” Cole said.

She kept the family legacy going by inspiring her sister and son to get involved. That inspiration drew praise from Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

“This woman has been a poll worker for more than half the time that women could even vote in this country. What an amazing testimony to the importance of voting, how sacred the right to vote is, and think about the example she has set,” Secretary LaRose said.

It is her love of people and her sense of civic duty that will keep her signing up for the polls on Election Day.

“I think it’s something everyone should take a part in. It would make it much easier to understand how the election actually runs and our small part in helping with that, too,” Cole said.