TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) — A Trotwood-Madison student is sharing her journey of living with epilepsy through her new book titled “Unstoppable Me.”

Jordynn Farley, 10, suffers from Rolandic Benign Epilepsy, also known as childhood epilepsy. It can cause seizures when a child is awake or asleep.

“It’s very scary as a parent because she would vomit with her seizures and all you can do is pray that your child is sleeping on their stomach. If they’re on their back they’re at risk to choke,” said Carrie Farley, her mother.

After four seizures, and over a year of occupational therapy, Jordynn is determined to never let epilepsy stop her. She’s working to overcome her disability to reach for her dreams of becoming an actress.

“I can do acting, plays, and dancing while I had my epilepsy and I’m even in a movie,” said Jordynn.

She also recently published a book titled “Unstoppable Me: Living with Epilepsy” to inspire other people to be unstoppable.

“The reason I wanted to write this book was to show adults and children, but mostly children that if they have a disability they can do it too by just believing in themselves and having faith in themselves, they can do whatever they want,” said Jordynn.

Sales from the book will raise donations for Dayton Children’s and local epilepsy charities.