DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Local college students are getting hands-on training as certified first responders.

University of Dayton Emergency Medical Services (UD EMS) members took part in a mass casualty preparedness drill in the UD Arena parking lot Friday. Volunteers acted as victims and wore make-up, simulating minor to serious injuries.

The drill provided the EMS members with an opportunity to practice their response skills, communication and coordination plans and identify areas for improvement.

Emma Mitchell, a senior who serves as the training officer of UD EMS, was in charge of planning the event this year.

“It prepares our EMT basics in the case of a multi-victim emergency here on campus,” Mitchell explained. “We hope that something like this never happens, but this drill will give our EMTs the experience they need to manage a multi-victim emergency, along with practicing their triage skills, their resource management as well as just patient interaction.”

Sarah Nie, a senior who serves as EMS chief, said the program has flourished since its inception more than three decades ago.

“We’ve grown a lot,” Nie said. “When we first started, there were probably less than 10 members, but now we are a full-blown 60-member organization, and everyone is fully EMT basic certified, which is really good.”

The program is in its 31st year of service.