DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An unusual Christmas display in Dayton is bringing some light and magic to people this holiday season.

“It’s nostalgic. It’s what I grew up with,” said homeowner Chris Croft who recalls the Christmas lights and elaborate displays in his neighborhood growing up in Ludlow Falls.

In Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood, 2915 Martel Drive is known as the “Unicorn House” and takes the magic of the season to a whole new level.

Chris and Natasha Croft have turned their front yard into an enchanted forest complete with unicorns and strands of lights dangling from the sky; and for passersby, it’s easy to spot.

“This is so un-traditional in the scheme of things. It’s not your traditional Christmas lights,” said Natasha.

The Crofts came up with the idea three years ago while on vacation in North Carolina. “We went to the Biltmore and they had lights streaming from the trees because it was Christmas time, and I stole their idea,” said Chris.

They started decorating in 2018 with one unicorn and a couple dozen strands of lights. Now they have more than 10,000 lights and six unicorns in their front yard.

“It’s kind of expanded each year, more lights, more unicorns, more magic,” said Natasha. “The beauty of it really excites me. But I’m really proud of [Chris] for how much work he’s put into it.”

Neighbors across the street also joined in on the Crofts’ fun, lighting up the front of their house with purple lights for sugar plums, for the “unicorns to eat.”

The “Unicorn House” won Dayton’s 2020 “Get Lit” light display competition because of the impressive spectacle.

“We got a cute little trophy with Santa on top. He had a mask on and some Dayton swag. So it was definitely more for bragging rights than anything else,” said Natasha with a laugh.

The Crofts say the greater reward is the joy their display brings to all of the people driving by their house.

“It’s just nice to know that something that you’re doing that seems really simple is affecting people in such a positive way,” said Natasha with a smile.

“We’ve had people leave notes in our mailbox,” said Chris.

The couple welcomes people to stop by and take pictures; they just ask people to be respectful of the display.