DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A Ukrainian family’s dream is coming true all thanks to a Dayton Police Detective. The detective has raised thousands of dollars and gathered enough donations to have an apartment ready for them the night they arrive in Dayton as they escape the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“My fiance says I didn’t go there to train him, I went there to meet him,” said Det. Roberts.

An unlikely friendship that started in Kiev, Ukraine is now making the American dream possible as one family escapes a war ridden country. Andrii and Alisa, along with their three young boys, fled Ukraine and into Poland when Russia invaded. In order to save their family, Andrii asked an old friend for help, Detective Rod Roberts

“I could never imagine moving your family with small children, ages one, three, and five, to just pack up, sell everything you own, pack what you can in a suitcase and move across the world just on a dream,” said Det. Roberts.

Rod and Andrii met in 2015 when several DPD officers flew to Ukraine to help train and develop their law enforcement agency. So, Detective Roberts decided to make a Facebook post asking for help and before long, a dream became reality. A simple plea for help turned into a one way ticket, to start living and working right here in Dayton.

“The post blew up and we had commitments for all furnishings for a two bedroom apartment within 40 minutes,” said Det. Roberts. “When they land, they will sleep in their own bed.”

In just a matter of days, Andrii’s family will sleep soundly in Dayton, all thanks to one man’s desire to help another in need.

“I’m excited to see them walk into the apartment and just know they’re safe,” said Det. Roberts. “I signed up to help people 27 years ago and it’s not often that you get to change someone’s life.”

Andrii, Alisa and their boys will be arriving exactly in one week at Dayton International Airport. A bank account at the Firefighters and Company Federal Credit Union on S. Patterson Boulevard in Dayton to accept donations. If you’d like to donate, please refer to the account “Alisa and Andrii- Ukrainian Family Fund.”