DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A Ukrainian family has finally arrived at Dayton International Airport all thanks to the help of a Dayton Police Detective.

Andrii, his wife Alisa and their three boys landed here in Dayton after traveling the globe. Detective Rod Roberts says he is nervously excited for them to see their new home.

“They’ve seen pictures, but I don’t think that’s going to be the same when they walk in here and know this is home now,” said Det. Roberts. “There’s been war in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, so he’s been a part of this for a much longer time and once things ramped up, the place they used to live is now gone.”

Andrii and Detective Roberts met in 2015 when several Dayton Police Department officers flew to Ukraine to train their officers. Now, a simple plea for help has turned into a fully furnished apartment, a new home to start a new life.

“I was hoping we would get a bed, bunk beds and a couch but this place is furnished wall to wall,” said Det. Roberts. “They’re going to come home and they’re home, they’re going to have beds to sleep in, new pajamas to put on, food in the fridge, pantry and freezer, everything is just ready to go.”

Although Andrii and Alisa’s family lost their home in Ukraine, Detective Roberts is sure they will feel at home in Dayton in no time.

“As soon as they get here, I have people ready to help them navigate the next step,” said Det. Roberts. “This is exciting, I never thought this place would be filled to the gills with furniture, clothes and food, what a testament to this community.”

A bank account at the Firefighters and Company Federal Credit Union on S. Patterson Boulevard in Dayton to accept donations. If you’d like to donate, please refer to the account “Alisa and Andrii – Ukrainian Family Fund.”